This Chia changes lives. Chia is the product that evolved our company from Mayorga Coffee to Mayorga Organics in 2014. It's the product that made us realize that supporting coffee farmers means supporting their diversification.

2013 was a very tough on coffee farmers because of a leaf-rust called “roya”. This relentless disease decimated over 50% of organic coffee crops throughout Latin America.  This meant that small farmers lost their ability to have income, making it a challenge to provide for their families.

Rather than sit idly by, we worked with the farmers and identified the best products that they could grow on the unused portions of their organic farms. Our agronomists identified chia as an ideal product, so we went to work.  We advanced our coffee farmers 100% of the funds required to plant and harvest the chia, and provided them with agronomists to help along the way.

When they harvested the chia, their income from the project helped to pay for loans that would have otherwise defaulted given the impact of the dreaded Roya.








The end result is this bag of 100% Organic certified, Non-GMO verified, Kosher certified, Gluten-free chia seeds. Mayorga always ensures that the products we cultivate with our producers and sell to our customers are of the highest quality possible. 

By purchasing Mayorga chia, you are a vital and appreciated part of a new model that provides better income for farmers and their families. THANK YOU!